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    Why Travel Minis?

    Small but mighty

    Why carry conventional 50-100 ml essentials on your short stay or long journey trips when you can get a mini version of it all at an amazing price? Just grab the amount that you require and keep your travel bag neat and light!

    The products we offer often cannot be found in supermarkets or drug stores, for example Travel size shawing kit.

    We keep the postage low, so you don’t have to buy in bulk, helping you to buy that one odd thing you might be looking for. Like 13g Aloe Vera After Sun or Sample Sized Beard Oil.

    If you prefer to use your usual brand or products, try our 10ml cosmetic jar or 15 ml aluminum tin.

    Gifting options and more on the way

    Treat the frequent traveller in your life by exploring new gadgets and products that could bring a little delight to their trip. Ideal for backpackers and ultralight travellers.

    Surprise someone before their long journey and gift them mini travel essentials that can help keep their mind focused on more important details.

    Invite your loved one for a city break or weekend away with a unique gift box, and a personalized message.

    Congratulate on a first business trip assignment that might mark a career milestone. Make their journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

    Express how excited you are to hit the road and enjoy a festival together. Put the smile on your companion’s face with one of our personalized gift boxes!

    Eliminate some stress from the packing chores and let us serve you with our creativity and experience!

    Clients and Employees appreciation presents

    Travel Minis are an ideal and thoughtful gift for corporate clients or employees staying over in a hotel for a conference or team building activity.

    Please message me your requirements for a quote.

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