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    About Travel Minis

    Hi! It’s nice to meet you. I’m Silvia, a busy mother of two and sole founder of Travel Minis. When travelling and exploring the beautiful world we live in, I’ve found practicality and efficiency is the key to a stress-free trip (especially with kids).

    Whether I’m packing for a weekend away with friends or family, attending a festival, or grabbing some bits together for a city break, the most time consuming part for me is sourcing the right sized toiletries.

    I’m not just talking about shower gels and shampoos, but also travel sized after suns, shaving cream, perfumes, hair gel or toothpaste. I find travel minis an essential part of my trip, just as much as my clothes and shoes. Space saving finds are a life saver when it comes to packing.

    Travel essentials available in supermarkets are seasonal and often too big for a 2 nights stay. They also consume valuable space and add unnecessary weight to the travel bag. Sometimes detouring to multiple stores are needed.

    With moving time, I found that others experienced similar frustrations too.

    Travel Minis specialises in sourcing sample size, multi-functional and efficient goods focused on ladies, mens, and eco-conscious consumers. We help you to save your valuable money and time so that your travel bag feels light and compact on your trip or stays!

    At Travel Minis our goal is to bring the comfort of your home to a hotel room, tent, hostel, caravan, airport lounge, car, etc. through travel essentials that you can’t leave without.

    Why customers love Travel Minis

    Travel Minis have made my business trip routines so much easier, thanks to their fantastic products I no longer need to worry about what's in my hand luggage.


    • Gloucester
    Fantastic, quick service. Products are extremely useful for me as always travelling. Means I always have everything I need. Would recommend and will be re-ordering.


    • Gloucester
    I was glad to come across Travel Minis. I was looking for mini essentials like foldable toothbrush and the aluminium sample container that would allow me to take my favourite facial moisturiser wherever I go. The delivery was fast and reasonably priced.


    • Gloucester
    Travel Minis are my one stop shop for travel essentials now. Amazing service, quick deliver and all at great prices, what more could you want.


    • Cheltenham

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We focus on travel essentials that are under 50 ml ideal for short stays and long journeys. They are usually cannot be found in supermarkets and drug stores. We also encourage to swap liquids for solid products which means reduce the junk.

    Out of my own frustration when sourcing mini travel essential toiletries and gadgets ideal for long journeys or short stays. Even if I found an ideal light and space saving solution, it was only available in bulk or the postage was astronomical. And all of that effort costed me time and come with unsure results.

    We aim to create a one stop shop for mini travel essentials and gadgets that are tried and tested, useful and can bring comfort of your own home to wherever you stay overnight. We also aim to save you time and effort sourcing mini toiletries and gadgets.

    Anyone who would appreciate reducing the size and weight of their hand luggage, gym bag, backpack etc. on a log journey or short stay. Or anyone who would like to gift an actually useful handpicked tested and tried present. Or anyone who is willing to transform an ordinary stay or journey to an experience with comfort of own home

    Travel size essential toiletries aimed to be under 50 ml that are ideal for short stays and long journeys. Travel related gadgets that can be used while commuting, traveling for holiday or staying over for business.

    Most products are sourced in the UK or EU if possible. Some items, that we found useful and crafty, but they are not available to source from the UK or EU, we source from China. Country of origin can be found in the listing and you can use a related filter in the Travel Minis shop.